The island complex of the Cyclades is the ultimate expression of the Greek summer.

It consists of 220 islands – most of which are uninhabited – that form a circle (hence the name Cyclades) around the holy island of Delos, southeast of mainland Greece. The wild landscape with scattered white churches with blue domes and small whitewashed houses, it hides incredible beaches, clear waters, rich history and the famous Cycladic light that has enchanted so many painters and photographers.

Mykonos and Santorini are the most famous islands of the Cyclades, but in fact there is much more worth seeing. Thanks to the short distances between the islands, you can easily see the best of the Cyclades, from the cosmopolitan spirit of Mykonos and the volcanic beauty of Milos to the absolute tranquility of Sifnos, the aristocratic elegance of Syros, the wild beauty of Amorgos and the unspoiled paradise of the small Cyclades.

Whatever you choose, you're sure to be blown away by the scenery, the views and the friendliness of the people. Each island is a world waiting to be explored.


The incredible beaches and volcanic landscape will leave you speechless.


A change of scenery with long beaches, green valleys and high mountains.


The breathtaking sunsets from the caldera will be unforgettable.


A cosmopolitan island with vibrant life and wild beauty.


Understated luxury and natural elegance.


One of the most popular holiday destinations, with unparalleled natural beauty and endless sandy beaches.