Argosaronic Gulf and Eastern Peloponnese

One of the most beautiful parts of Greece is located literally next to Athens. The Argosaronic Gulf hosts wonderful islands along the coastline of Attica and the Peloponnese.


The smell of thyme and pine will greet you as you approach Aegina, the first and closest station to Athens. Stroll around town, visit the ancient temple of Aphaia and swim at one of the long, sandy beaches.


Almost united with the mainland, Poros will enchant you with its abundant vegetation and crystal clear, blue waters. The port, with houses from the early 19th century, is incredibly charming.


Spetses is traditionally a destination of high society. The elegant city and picturesque beaches make for a combination that is hard to resist.


Hydra has a unique charm with the large mansions and the houses of the captains of the 18th century that bear witness to the rich maritime history of the island. This small, rocky and arid island has a distinct aura that has captivated intellectuals and international jetsetters alike.


Kythira, the island of the Heavenly Venus, with the bright light of June bathing the blue waters on the beaches, with the colors of nature composing wonderful natural landscapes, generously offering unique moments of enjoyment to the visitor.


The jewel of Argosaronic, lush green with blue-green waters. Drowned in greenery, with deep blue waters, it is a small paradise on earth.

Eastern Peloponesse

If you have the time, travel along the Peloponnese coast to Kythera, which has been a Venetian fortress and pirate den.


The captivating Elafonisos, with its crystal clear waters and endless golden beaches, is ready to charm its every visitor.